Shikhar - Part 1 Of 15 - Ajay Devgan - Bipasha Basu - Shahid Kapoor - Superhit Bollywood Movie - WebTv

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Pitted in a battle of man versus nature are two different but equally powerful protagonists Gaurav Gupta (GG) and Shrikant Vardhan. The riveting story is a journey into finding answers to how far greed takes a man and if nature can ever win over the bulldozer. While GG plays to win at any cost, Vardhan`s ideals abhor violence. Caught between the two is Jaidev who while respecting his father`s philosophy, falls for GG`s giltedged dreams. Vardhan hopes that Jai will return to his roots. Madhavi Jai`s childhood friend, watches helplessly as he gets tangled in the deadly web spun by GG and Natasha. For Fun Stuff Subscribe at Join us on Facebook at Follow us at!/BollyFilmVideos